First I give thanks to our Savior Christ Jesus for all of you, I would like to also welcome you to our website!   I am honor that you stopped to look in on my page the pastor, so since you have chosen to do that, allow me to share some information with you about my journey with God.

I am honored to say I have been a child of God since I was a child, as I developed into a young lady, am grateful to say God has never forsaken me, however I had a relationship with the world and the things in it more than I had with our Father, am sure someone can relate.

As I became a woman, I searched for God more and began to talk with Him more and even began to read the bible more and developed a prayer life, nevertheless the world still seem to have its strongman hold on me in some areas of my life  I had no real “POWER”.

As I became a mature woman I was baptized by the Fire of the Holy Spirit on the 4th of July 2000, I am here to testify that my life has not been the same since. Transformation took root, God changed my tongue from speaking worldly stuff to speaking Godly wisdom that I know that only comes from God.  I was also given a mind cleansing which replaced worldly information to a learned knowledge of the True Doctrine of the Gospel with an added blessing of being able to understand His revelation of His True Word.

I then went to Sunrise Christian Assembly ND Church, where the Pastor was Alease Sutton and I received a water baptism, became a member professed my calling to my Pastor and she allowed me to be taught under her Leadership,  and I studied under her for 3yrs.

I received my Deaconess Certificate under her leadership on 12/31/2004. I received my Certificate of License “The Gospel Ministry” on 10/28/2005. I received my Certificate of Ordination on 12/10/2006.

I served my Father in Heaven and His shepherd, Founder of Sunrise Christian Assembly ND Church for 2 more faithful years, then our Father in heaven called Pastor Sutton name and she went home to glory.

Then the Lord opened up the windows of Heaven and passed the mantle on to me to become the new Pastor of the Sunrise and my installation date was on August 3, 2008 and there you have it. To say it has been easy that would be a lie and God don’t like liars! However to say it has been hard that would be a lie too. So I will say the truth His grace has keep me to endure this race, His mercy has renewed my strength every morning to press on to the high calling in Him, and His love has abided in me to where I know by faith and by hope, that He whom lives in me is greater than he that is in this world, so no weapon formed against me shall prosper and every lying tongue that shall come against me He shall take care of.  So as long as I keep looking to the hills with cometh my help, I know I Can Do All Things Through Christ Whom Strengthens Me.

By faith I know He promises are true to all whom believe so if that is you, are if you want this to be you, or if this use to be you before someone hurt you, know this: there is plenty of room in our Fathers House for all.

Come to His gates with Thanksgivings and enter into His courts with a Praise

We welcome you to come to Sunrise Christian Assembly where Christ Jesus Reigns

Worship with US.

God Bless Always

Pastor Bonita Bakari