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Sunrise Parochial Pre-K Academy is a well-disciplined learning environment where Educational Achievement is paramount & Kindergarten Readiness is our number one goal. Our program, although relatively new in the area, is superior to most other programs in several key components. Our uniqueness in these areas means superior educational opportunity for your child. These areas are as follows:

 INDIVIDUAL CLASSROOMS – most Pre-K Centers have large room environments where children are grouped and given general activities in which to participate. At Sunrise Parochial Pre-K Academy, we have fully functional self-contained INDIVIDUAL CLASSROOMS, complete with individual student desks and learning space where specific subject matter is taught. In our facility, your child will be made ready for the formal classroom setting because his/her Pre-K Academy replicates a formal school setting. 

SMALL CLASS SETTINGS – A primary principle of learning is the notion of SMALL CLASS SIZES. In the average Pre-K learning environment this means anywhere from 10 to 20 children in a room with one or two adults leading games, story time etc. At Sunrise Parochial Pre-K Academy, our classes are specifically tailored to accommodate 8 – 12 students per class and every teacher in our center is guaranteed no more than 12 students in their classroom at any given class period. With this guarantee, our teachers can truly focus on providing 1-on-1 instruction in their respective classrooms and be fully confident and able to provide ample teaching/instruction time for every student in their class. Maintaining our 8 to 1 teacher ratio means your child will receive maximum instruction and teaching in an actual classroom setting.            

CLASS SCHEDULE – At Sunrise Parochial Pre-K Academy our students have a class schedule in the same manner as school-age students. An instructional feature unique to our center, we employ a class schedule for two main reasons. First, classes at specified class period intervals gives our students a sense of understanding schedule processes in an educational setting. Secondly, it provides daily opportunities for our teachers to teach classroom & School-house manners to our students. Thus, as well as receiving educational instruction, your child will also be taught & prepared in school setting behavioral mannerisms necessary for proper functioning in a school setting. 

STATE APPROVED - Our center is State Approved to serve TANIF & CHILDCARE ASSISTANT clients, as well as private pay parents. With this designation, our student population is diverse and eager to learn.

 CACFP FOOD PROGRAM: Our center is a participant in the Missouri Child & Adult Care Food Program, which means you can be assured your child will receive nutritionally balanced meals while attending our Pre-K Academy. At our center, we serve Breakfast, Lunch & Afternoon snacks at no additional cost to the parents/families we serve.

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